Our First Power Flower Pop-Up

The feelings and happenings in our country are BIG and FULL these days. Regardless of your beliefs on the changes that we are all experiencing, I think it's safe to say that the depth of feelings is vast! Last week I decided that I need to be proactive in creating as many GOOD feelings to surround me and to help generate a comfy cushion of support for all of the other feelings.

That's where the idea of the Power Flower Pop-Up was born. With the inauguration happening on Friday I felt like Power Flower Friday could be expanded on a bigger scale. Kindness generates kindness, and goodness knows WE NEED MORE OF THAT! So I put the invite out for a Thursday evening note writing gathering at my house and a Friday group Power Flowering. 

The response was beautiful! People SHOWED UP!  Thanks to them, I was able to feel the good and the uncomfortable and live to tell the tale.

Sitting in my living room Thursday evening, watching people I love writing notes to share with strangers was so heart stretching. As my mom said, The Energy in the room was effervescent! 

Friday, after all of the notes were tied on to the flowers, I loaded up kids and snacks. A big bucket of flowers and a wagon. We met up with my parents and a few other friends with their kids and took to the streets of downtown. I was nervous...realizing that when I am the organizer of something I actually have to be a leader. And that does not come comfortably to me! But as we got going, the nervousness wore off and the FUN started to sink in. 

We got many different responses...from hugs, to smiles, to "no thanks" and many opportunities to pay attention to how we reacted in return. One friend noted how interesting it was to see people's response after we walked away...not really sure what to do with the flower or if they should pass it on. It makes me realize how difficult it can be to simply receive without being asked for anything in return.  And hearing the "no thanks" gave me a great chance to check my ego.  I noticed how even though it was just a flower, being rejected opened the door for my defenses to come into action and the desire for my ego to bounce that hurt as quickly away from me as possible. Even though I smiled and went on to the next opportunity, my mind had to throw a little "well, fine then, you don't deserve this flower anyways." So, yes, even though this practice helps me tap into my compassion, empathy and kindness I am still human and it's important for me to continue to acknowledge that. It keeps me REAL!

All in all, the morning was positive and inspiring and affirming.  The best part about it? WE DID IT...a small group of people working together with the intention of sharing good vibes with PEOPLE...regardless of their gender, race, clothes, hair color or fashion sense. 

As we continue with this project, I am hopeful that these Pop-Ups will become more regular (and organized) and that this community, based on connection and respect, will flourish!

I am ever grateful for the Power Flower People who showed up...whether by being there in person or sending energy and cheering us on in their own way.  The love generated was REAL.