Partners in Kindness - Ben's Bells

Our empty Partners page is looking a bit sad with all of zero partners listed.  This isn't because we are friendless, cold, undesirable kindness fools, destined to trod this journey to bring kindness and compassion to the dark places all by our lonesome (Ohh boy).  Truth is,  it is intentional.  Of course we are looking to add partners both local and afar to join us in our mission and various projects.  Remember, we can't go it alone.   But we also wanted to take the time to acknowledge those who partnered with us from the start.  Those who shined some kindness our way when we weren't sure we were so deserving.  Who knows, maybe we'll make this a regular thing indefinitely. 

To start, we chose to highlight Ben's Bells and it's founder Jeanette Maré.  Check out the intro to Ben's Bells provided on their website...

We were fortunate enough to get connected with Jeannette around the time the Power Flower Project was beginning to take shape.  Clearly, Ben's Bells is inspiration enough to go outside, get face to face with some humans and pollinate some kindness but Jeannette offered us a wee bit more.  She provided us with guidance on how to follow our passion as we looked to dig deeper into the work of kindness. Jeannette cheered us on and gave us hope that our small acts of kindness could have a much bigger impact. This may have been a small thing in her eyes but it was quite meaningful to us as we took the plunge to create the Power Flower Project.

We love what Ben's Bells is doing and hope to find ways to partner with them further in the future. Until then, we will continue to root each other on in spreading kindness in our communities.  If you are ever in Tucson, AZ stop by one of their studios and keep an eye out for their "Be Kind" logo, it is quite literally everywhere.  Thank you Ben's Bells for intentionally focusing on kindness and educating so many on the impact it can have. 

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