Partners in Flowers

As we mentioned in a previous post, we are fortunate enough to have partnered with some local flower providers.  The first that we are going to highlight is Flourish Flower Farm.  We were so excited when we met owner Niki Irving.  She didn't just show up with her own passion to help us get flowers to people but she brought other interested people too!  Thank you Niki for supporting us with flowers and other supporters.  We love handing out your beautiful flowers.  Now check out what Flourish is all about....

Flourish Flower Farm grows specialty cut flowers using sustainable, natural practices in the mountains outside of Asheville, NC. We do not use synthetic fertilizers, chemicals or sprays. Our flowers are truly mountain fresh.

Flourish Flower Farm is owned and loved by Niki & William Irving. After years of traveling while working in outdoor education, running a small business and charter school and volunteering as a farm hand on the side, Niki finally turned the dream of operating a flower farm into reality. She truly believes that flowers make the world a more beautiful, enjoyable place and is inspired by the way a fresh bouquet of flowers can light up someone’s entire face.

We are delighted to supply high quality, fresh, fragrant flowers + unique, garden-style floral designs to Western North Carolina! At Flourish Flower Farm, we believe that beauty is the language of caring.