The Sharing Philosophy

There are so many people out there who are finding ways to pollinate kindness through direct acts or supporting those who do.  We have taken on the philosophy that we shouldn't just "like" and approvingly nod our heads at these good people.  We should shout their praises and spread the word of their kind acts.  So don't just "like" what you see, retweet, regram and share it far and wide.  If you see some kindness out there, let us and others know.  Acts of kindness only require one individual but a movement of kindness takes a community.  This is why we want to make it a practice of introducing you to our community. 

Today we want to bring your attention to the Gardeners Cottage.  They are a retail shop in Biltmore Village that specialize in nature inspired gifts, out of the ordinary houseplants and art from locals.  They have been kind enough to partner with us and have already provided several bouquet's of flowers that have made their way through our community.  Thank you to Libby and the rest of the Gardeners Cottage family for supporting our Power Flower mission.