Power Flowers...where we started and where we are going

I carry around words of inspiration everywhere I go...

I carry around words of inspiration everywhere I go...


Our first official Blog post! I'm struggling with the anxiety of needing it to be the perfect post...just the right length, voice and attention grabbing details that are needed to secure the support of each and every reader. However, if I keep up with that train of thought...nothing will get written because nothing will be perfect enough. 

A couple of nights ago; as I was typing, deleting and retyping; I took a "break" (i.e. was stalling) and went to pick up my phone. As I did, I reread a print that I keep on my bedside table that a dear friend created. 

"The world needs your work now more than ever" - Robin Plemmons

So rather than trying to be perfect and something I'm not, I will let my heart do the talking.  Because that is what Power Flowering IS!  What started as a "survival practice" to get me through a really difficult time in my life has blossomed into a practice of healing and creating connection that I never thought possible. 

Because of the simple practice of sharing flowers, painting flowers, writing on flowers and talking about all of this - I am less scared of EVERYTHING in the world. This practice and connection to other humans gives me hope and the ability to keep mucking through when there are really bad days...in my small bubble AND in the bigger world around me. 

Through Facebook and Instagram I have been able to share these Power Flowerings and have allowed myself to see it from outside of my own bubble. And now, with the help and support from friends who are way more tech savvy than I am, we have this awesome website and blog! This project is a continuous journey, just like everything in our lives. It will ebb and flow, it will never be perfect, AND it will always be honest. 

I am excited, for one of the first times in my life my desire to share kindness and love is stepping forward to lead the way and allowing the fear of judgement and vulnerability to be comforted, just as it needs to be. 

High Fives to ALL and here we GROW!